12 Days of Cricut Crafts

Happy December everyone! Its been a while since I last made a post, but I’m back for the month of December! This year, I would like to do 12 days of crafts, or Craftmas if you will. I got this idea from a YouTube channel I watch called Kayla’s Cricut Creations, so thanks Kayla for inspiring me and the next 12 blog posts I will be making. How this will work is I will be posting 12 crafts on different days leading up to Christmas day. So get ready for Craftmas!

Last year for Christmas I received a Cricut (pronounced cricket) machine. Now you may be saying; “a what?” A Cricut is a giant crafting device that cuts paper, vinyl, heat transfer vinyl (HTV), felt, faux leather, etc. You can cut these materials into anything (literally ANYTHING) which will help you to create the craft. I could write an entire post on what a Cricut is, what the tools and materials are, and how to use one but we’ll save that for another day. This post is really to introduce you to Craftmas! If you know what a Cricut is but haven’t been sure that you know what to do with one, what you want to do with your own, or have been on the fence about getting one, hopefully these Christmas/winter oriented crafts will be able to help you out!

(This is what a Criuct Explore Air 2 and what some of the materials and tools look like).


Check out my Instagram emmascricutcrafts to see all of the completed 12 Days of Craftmas!

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