What I Bought My 2 Year Old Son for the Holiday Season.

I am the type of person who likes to start shopping and getting things done early. I started Christmas shopping for my son in September. When I started shopping, I was completely stumped as to what to get my son who already has so many toys. I know I would have loved a nice list of things other mom’s found to be appropriate to buy a child similar in age to my son. So, from this point I compiled my own list and got him a variety of things that he will hopefully be able to enjoy over the next year and years to come. Hopefully this list will help other mom’s and inspire them as far as things to buy for their child for the holiday season.

  1. LEGO duplo blocks- generic set
  2. A personal kids chair (this chair was purchased at HomeGoods and it is like a miniature plush arm chair, it is so nice!)
  3. An easel (Melissa & Doug)
  4. Play-dough accessories (see my other blog post for homemade, taste safe play-dough!)
  5. Mr. Potato head
  6. RC car
  7. Matchbox cars & other small cars
  8. Amazon Fire kids tablet and screen protector
  9. Personal name puzzle (Found on Etsy)
  10. Toddler pillow and pillow cases
  11. Toddler sled
  12. Slippers

Most of these items were purchased at Target and Amazon, as well as a secondhand store called Once Upon a Child.

A few things to note about the list I made are:

A handful of these things came from a gently used secondhand children’s store. I highly suggest a store like this if you have one in your area. A lot of the things in this particular store are brand new and are marked down for more than half the original price.

As far as the tablet goes, I do not believe that tv and screen time will hurt his brain but, he will have limited access to it. We will allow him educational and kid friendly games (he has learned most of his colors and shapes from educational videos found on youtube) and movies to keep him quiet and calm when mom and dad need a short break!

I am a big supporter on nothing in the crib until age two to reduce the risk of SIDS. It is each parents preference as to when they allow their child additional items in the crib, but it won’t be until he turns 2; which is right after Christmas, until he can use the pillow. The pillow I purchased can be found on amazon at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KDKKD1I/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_fACbCbENA6GVV

**I also want to add that most of his toys that he is no longer using or doesn’t need (and are gently used) have been and will be given to donation bins or centers that are taking used toys so other children can use them!**

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