Homemade, Taste Safe Play-Dough

When giving my 20 month son old play-dough, I figured it would be a new experience that he might enjoy. After giving it to him for no more then 30 seconds it immediately went into his mouth (I should have known this would be the case).
This was worrisome to me being a first time mom. I didnt want anything toxic or dangerous entering his body.
Now, I know you might be thinking, “kids eat play-dough all the time, and often times eat things worse then play-dough”, and I get that. But this wasn’t going to be something that I would just let him eat. After further investigation, I realized that people make their own play-dough that is most importantly *taste safe*
(While this is lick and taste safe it should not double as a snack!)
I was able to get this recipe from a mother on Instagram (journeytominimoore) who got the recipe from Pinterest. I will be sure to leave a link to the recipe, but if you don’t want to look I’ll post the ingredients here. However, you will have to look for step by step instruction in the link.
•2 cups of flour
•2 Tbsp of any kitchen oil (I used olive oil)
•1/2 a cup of salt
•2 Tbsp of cream of tartar
•1 1/2 cups of boiling water
**feel free to add food dye to the play-dough (the gel work the best) to color it. Also, be sure to store it in an air tight container when you’re done.
For further instructions see the link:
I hope you enjoy the recipe and happy play-doughing!

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